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I enjoy what I do because I like meeting all kinds of people and I get to see parts of the Southland I wouldn’t otherwise.

As a person, I’m always polite and
considerate, but most importantly, meticulous, dependable & professional.

Best of all, I’ve got a sense of humor that many clients appreciate…I know
I do. LOL!

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Welcome to
DAM Good Notary!


David Musso Notary
  • I’ve been supplying professional notary service for eight years and certified signing service for over four.

  • Available for professional clients 7 days a week, I cover Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, but can cover other counties in special circumstances. I’m happy to schedule signings in advance, but we all know time sensitive documents aren’t always ready on time, so...I get it. No worries!

  • Give me a ring, send me a text or shoot me an email; whatever is easiest for you and let’s see how I can help.

  • Looking forward to working with you!

testimonial quote

I work with many good notaries, but David always brings a great energy and I get so many compliments from my clients. He’s a DAM good notary and a great guy.

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Real Estate

Escrow Offices & Title Companies
Mortgage Companies & Banks Realtors

real estate notary

Business & Legal

Business Managers
Certified Public Accountants

real estate notary


Durable Power of Attorney
Heallth Care Proxy
HIPAA Waivers

real estate notary


Wills and Trusts
Vehicle Title Documents
Passport Application Documents

real estate notary


Deeds of Trust
Powers of Attorney
Mortgages & Leases

real estate notary

Apostille / Authentication

Birth/Death/Divorce Certificates
Certificate of Naturalization
Marriage License Name Change

The Process

For Professional Clients
& General Public

Notary Process

I print the required number of sets on a high-end HP printer using good-quality bright white paper in the appropriate paper sizes (8.5” x 11” and 8.5” x 14”) unless the actual documents are supplied for signing and notarization.   (For professional clients only)

Each signature or initial line is high-lighted in yellow on the signer’s set and the documents are arranged in proper order.

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Notary Process

Meeting time and place are confirmed with the signer(s). If there is no pre-determined time I will gladly schedule the meeting time and place directly.

Just before leaving for the appointment, I inform the signer(s) of my ETA based on Wayz. If anything unexpected arises, I apprise the signer(s) of the situation and give them an updated time.

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Notary Process

After completion of signing, I will advise you of:

  1. My ETA, if traveling back to you;

  2. My ETA to the destination, if I delivering  
    docs elsewhere; or

  3. Confirmation the docs have been
    entrusted to the courier or service

Fees & Payment


Fee is prearranged before assignment begins.

Invoice is emailed within 24 hours of completion of assignment.


Payment in full is required before assignment begins. Checks and money orders are not accepted.

Fees may be paid by the following methods:

We accept VenmoZelle PaymentWe accept cash



Within 20 miles of 91367
(up to 6 hours)

  • Plus $15 per signature
  • 15-minute grace period for signer(s)
  • $1 per minute after grace period
  • 50% of travel fee waived if 10 or
    more notorized signatures



Within 20 miles of 91367
(up to 4 hours)

  • Plus $15 per signature
  • 15-minute grace period for signer(s)
  • $1 per minute after grace period
  • 50% of travel fee waived if 10 or
    more notorized signatures



Within 20 miles of 91367
(up to 2 hours)

  • Plus $15 per signature
  • 15-minute grace period for signer(s)
  • $1 per minute after grace period
  • 50% of travel fee waived if 10 or
    more notorized signatures


For Professional

Running Specials


10% OFF

First time clients

For the
General Public

Running Specials


10% OFF

Travel Fee

First time clients


notary warning

A Notary Public may NOT advise you on how to prepare your documents; or explain, clarify or interpret your documents.

If legal advice is needed, please contact an attorney.

Signer disqualifications:

  • The identity of the person(s) signing the document(s) cannot be verified.

  • The signer(s) is not physically present.

  • The signer(s) does not speak the same language as the notary public.

  • The signer(s) is unwilling to swear or affirm the contents of the document(s) for notarizations that require an oath or affirmation.

  • The signer(s) declines to provide his/her thumbprint for a transaction that requires it.

  • The notary finds the signer(s) to be mentally incapacitated, disoriented, coerced, confused or otherwise does not understand the document(s) he/she is signing.

  • The signer(s) is unable or unwilling to pay the required $15 fee per signature.

Document disqualifications:

  • The document(s) contains white-out, any type of masking material, or appears to be altered in some way.

  • The document(s) appears incomplete or has missing pages.

  • The document(s) DOES NOT CONTAIN a notarial certificate (acknowledgment or jurat) and the signer(s) cannot or will not instruct the notary which type of notarial certificate is required.

  • The document is a COPY of a “vital record” such as a birth certificate.

  • The act being requested is not an authorized notarial act.

Lastly, the notary public reserves the right to refuse services and will refund any fees paid if a situation presents itself wherein the notary public believes possible or imminent physical harm may be encountered.